Bounce Houses and Slides

Description & rental prices dry and wet if available

Dry Rental Section

13x13 Castle with Basketball Hoop

$135 Dry

13x13 Unicorn Bounce House

$135 Dry

15x15 Castle With Basketball Hoop

$150 Dry

Balloon Castle With Double Slide

$165 Dry

Princess Castle Bounce House

$165 Dry

Sports Castle Bounce House

$165 Dry

14ft Waterslide

$200 Dry

Magical Castle Combo

$185 Dry

Double Hoop Basketball Bounce

Dry $99 or $75 with BH rental

19x19 Solid White Wedding Castle

Call for quote

Dry Obstacle Rental Section

40ft Obstacle Course

$275 Dry

42ft Wabstacle

$275 Dry

Ultimate Obstacle & 17ft Slide

$325 Dry

Wet Rental Section

14ft Waterslide

$250 Wet

42ft Wabstacle

$325 Wet

Princess Castle With Basketball Hoop & Waterslide

$235 Wet

Balloon Castle Double Slide Combo

$235 Wet

Ultimate 17ft Water Slide & Pool

$300 Wet

Water Combo Rental Section

17ft Slide, 22ft Obstacle & Pool

$400 Wet

13x13 Castle, 17ft Slide, 22ft Obstacle & Pool

$550 Wet

17ft Slide, 10ft Slip-n-Slide & Pool


22ft Obstacle & 10 ft Slip N Slide & Pool

$375 Wet

17ft Slide, 22ft Obstacle, Castle & 10 ft. Slip N Slide & Pool

$700 Wet

Rental Add-Ons

Tables & Chairs

$25 Per Set.

A Set is 1 Table & 8 chairs.



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Bounce Houses are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  A Credit Card is required to secure the time and date when booking.  Cash is paid on Delivery or 10% added for credit cards or checks.  Prior approval is required for check or credit card processing.  Rental periods vary, but the entire day is typically available.  We deliver the units, set them up, and come back and take them down.  One day rental only.  We do not leave units overnight.  We try to pick the units up by dark depending on our schedule. We are fully Insured. We cannot set up on Dirt or Sand.  The units need to be set up on Grass or Pavement, so that they are free of animal dander.  We will set up within 100 feet of the electric source.  Cleaning fees will be charged to the credit card for any candy, gum, beverages, silly string, excessive dirt or mud found in the units.

Rain Policy

Due to liability we cannot set up bounce houses in the rain.  We will do our best to work around the rain, so that you can still have a bounce house party.  You will not be charged if you cancel your order because of the rain.  If we set up the bounce house and have to come and take it down due to rain, then there will be NO refunds.  The hours that the bounce house will be available will depend on the weather.  Our general rule of thumb is if it is over a 30% chance of rain during your party time, then we will not set up the unit.  If you insist on set up and it rains, then there is a $100 charge per unit for damage, and for setting up the bounce houses again to dry them.